Going Organic All the Way! Simple Practices to Help You Create an Organic Lawn

If you just laid turf, don't just think about how greener your lawn has become, but also how much healthier it could be. Turf isn't healthier if it's not safe for your children, pets, friends and the environment. If you want your turf to be healthier and safer, turn to organic maintenance practices. With an organic management program, you will mow less, save more water and keep toxic herbicides and pesticides away.

See where you can begin when creating an organic lawn:

Don't Overlook Overseeding

Most people have no problem with the other lawn maintenance practices, but they often overlook overseeding. Did you know that the turf on your lawn won't live forever? When you inject new grass seed or overseed, you compensate for the turf that dries and dies; that's how you maintain a thick turf throughout the year.

You can overseed manually using a rake or hand spreader or mechanically using a seeder. Consider the shade and sun aspects in your area before you buy grass seed to ensure you get the right quality. Mix the grass seed with clover to help supply natural nitrogen to boost turf growth. Besides supplying free nitrogen, clover also resists insects and diseases, tolerates drought and makes the turf greener.

Dump Pest and Weed Chemicals

Most pest- and weed-controlling chemicals contain high levels of toxic chemicals that don't only kill weeds and insects, but also the soil. However, you only need to be more patient and determined when controlling weeds naturally. Mowing at a high height will prevent weeds in a big way.

When you mow the lawn at a higher height, you create a denser canopy that makes it hard for the weeds to grow. Taller turf develops longer and stronger roots that help it withstand the effects of various chewing insects and also recover quickly from the damage done. Thus, you don't have to apply pesticides whenever insects attack your turf.

Shift to Organic Fertilisers

Organic substances, such as limestone, bone meal, corn and alfalfa are some of the ingredients used to make natural fertilisers. They provide the right amount of organic nutrients the grass needs to grow greener and healthier. Moreover, the beneficial microorganisms feed on these natural elements, making the soil nutrient-rich.

The digested materials these microorganisms excrete in the soil become the organic nutrients the turf needs to stay greener and healthier. Although synthetic fertilisers cause fast turf growth, the effect is temporary. Organic fertilisers, on the other hand, don't just make the turf greener for a long time, they also help create and maintain uniformity.

Proper soil aeration and deep watering also create the environment the natural microorganisms need to create an organic lawn. Test the soil to determine its nutrient values and probably use compost teas, liquid seaweed and compost to treat it. With such an organic program, creating an organic turf won't be daunting.

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