Before You Buy A Lawnmower Here Are Some Things You Need To Consider

There are many lawn mowers for sale in all different shapes and sizes and browsing them can make a green thumb giddy with excitement. However, if you are looking at lawn mowers for sale for the first time, then there are some things you need to consider in addition to just which one you are going to buy. These tangential issues can make a huge difference in your final choice, so it is important to consider them before making a final decision. 

How Are You Going To Get It Home?

Most people don't own a truck or a ute and many of the lawn mowers for sale are quite large. It might not have even crossed your mind that your car is probably not big enough to take the lawn mower home with you, but it is important you arrange for transportation before you buy. There are two ways you can do this:

  • Pay for the company to deliver it to your home. Most home and hardware stores will offer this service for a small fee (some offer it for free!)
  • Find a friend with a truck or ute big enough to fit your lawn mower and ask them for a favor. Make sure you do this before you buy it as you won't always get a yes in response, and you don't want to be stuck with a lawn mower you can't take home.

Where Are You Going To Store It?

Most lawn mowers need to be stored inside and many people think they have enough room in their garage to fit their lawn mower. Unless you have specifically measured out the space, odds are your garage is going to be pretty packed with your car, tools and a lawn mower. Plan before your lawn mower arrives and rearrange anything that could be in the way. If you have some storage boxes just lying around on the floor, then try find a better spot for them. Alternatively, you could build your lawn mower its own little shed, and many people eventually do this as a side project. 

Do You Want Electric Or Petrol?

Of the many lawn mowers for sale there are two distinctive differences: lawn mowers that are powered by petrol and those that are electric. Electric lawn mowers are quieter, easier to power (you never have to make a trip to the service station to get petrol) and generally better for the environment as a whole. The industry as a whole is moving towards electric tools and appliances in most areas, and it is always a good idea to get on board with large shifts like this. In the not-too-distant future it is quite likely that replacement parts and repair mechanics become hard to find for petrol-powered lawn mowers so going electric can save you a lot of headaches going forward. 

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