Why Travertine Stone is Great for Integrating Indoor and Outdoor Living Spaces

For much of the year, Australia has a climate that encourages outdoor living, which is why many homes feature expansive patios, easy access to pools and even outdoor televisions. The problem for home designers is trying to blend inside and outdoor living areas so that there isn't a distinct border that is jarring to those who live there. After all, these two areas have very different possibilities and designs that don't always mesh.

However, there are a few ways you can work on making your home feel more connected, and the best place to start is with travertine stone flooring.


For this design to work, the area that immediately connects to your outside spaces should be travertine stone. For most people, this will be their kitchen, living room or general living space that isn't often used. Travertine stone is perfect for all these rooms because it comes in many different styles and colours, has a polished and smooth texture to walk on and is very durable and water-resistant (making it great for kitchens). Unlike other materials like tiles or concrete that can also be used inside and outside, travertine stone is far more delicate looking. It has a better quality finish than the competitors. So while other material might theoretically be able to serve the same purpose, none will look as good in both situations. 


When it comes to the outdoor living areas, you can go in two directions: keep the same pattern and style as the indoor area for a fully connected look or switch it up in minor design choices to mark a small, but distinct, change. By adding a border to the outside of your travertine stone or using slightly darker coloured tiles, you can signify the change in location while still keeping an obvious connection to the interior. Travertine stone lasts just as well outdoors as it does indoors, and it can go months with little maintenance. Just a simple brush every few weeks to remove surface dirt is adequate to prevent this dirt from starting to scratch and invade the surface layer. 

What Integrated Living Looks Like

When done well, integrated outdoor and indoor living spaces feels almost dreamlike. There is nothing better than having the doors and windows open between the two areas and being able to make breakfast, walk a few steps and then eat it outside. It feels natural, and many people can never go back to the separation of spaces again. The best way to make sure these spaces feel connected is by keeping the flooring the same across the borders, and there is no better way to do this than with travertine stone. 

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