Tips to Help You Prepare Well Before a Lawn Delivery

Buying a lawn is an investment that will make your outdoors look beautiful. You will not regret purchasing sod as long as you get it right. When you have a beautiful outdoor space, you get motivated to spend more time outside. That will improve your lifestyle. But you need to do the necessary preparations before calling your lawn delivery service. Without proper planning, you will not enjoy the many benefits of purchasing an instant lawn. Some things you should do when working with lawn delivery services are listed below. 

Prep the Soil

Microorganisms in the soil can produce a lot of heat. That can lead to the overheating of the ground where you wish to plant your new lawn. If your instant turf is planted in such soil conditions, it will not thrive. The heat will cause the roots to dry up. That, in turn, causes discolouration in the grass. You can prevent that by prepping the soil. Wet about three inches of the ground under the surface. It is best to do water one or two days before the lawn delivery. Though the water will dry up a little, it will provide the nourishment needed by the roots. 

Get Ready For the Delivery

The lawn delivery service will likely bring your order in pallets of pre-cut panels. They will leave the turf on a pallet. The ground may contain microorganisms that produce heat and carbon dioxide that end up getting stuck between the pallets. Leaving the grass there for an extended period will lead to its death. The heat and carbon dioxide produced is not suitable for the sod. For you to prevent this, plan for the lawn delivery services to come when you are free. That will allow you to immediately begin laying the lawn when it arrives.

Allow the Lawn to Settle

After the lawn delivery service brings in the sod, the next step is installing it. After the installation process, you should give the lawn some time to settle. It needs time to adapt and extend its roots to the ground. It is best to water the grass deeply. You should also avoid stepping on the grass as you water it. Stepping on the new grass will likely prevent it from taking root. 


Proper preparation when waiting for lawn delivery is essential. Follow the steps to ensure your grass thrives. The lawn delivery service you choose determines the lawn you get. Thus, you should work with a company with an excellent reputation. They should also have provided their services for many years.

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