Two tips to follow if you want to rent out your commercial property's garden for weddings

If you have a sprawling garden on your commercial property that you think would be suitable for outdoor weddings and you intend to start renting it out for this purpose very soon, you should follow these two tips.

Get a commercial landscaping team to add a few whimsical and romantic touches to the garden

Couples who want to have an outdoor wedding will have lots of commercial gardens and other venues to choose from, many of which will have been designed for the sole purpose of hosting weddings. As such, a large garden which simply looks nice, rather than spectacular, might not be enticing enough to convince engaged couples to book it for their weddings.

This is why, even if you feel that your garden already looks quite good, you should invite a commercial landscaping team to come and help you to make it prettier and romantic. For example, you might want to have them erect an archway and place trailing plants over it and ask them to intertwine some fairy lights with these plants to give the archway a glow after the sun sets.

Additionally, you might want to ask them to plant flowers that have a particularly beautiful scent (such as lilacs, jasmine and freesias) near the area that will be used for wedding ceremonies so that the couples will inhale these wonderful fragrances as they walk down the aisle and get to enjoy the sight of these lovely flowers as they get married.

Last but not least, if your commercial garden has a lovely water feature or a pretty gazebo, you might want to get your team of landscapers to plant flowers around it, as this will add some colour and extra beauty to this feature, which will make it the perfect spot for couples to have their wedding photos taken.

Get your landscaper to do garden maintenance more frequently

After you begin to take bookings from couples, you should start getting your landscaper to do maintenance in the garden much more often (such as five days a week, rather than one). You should take this step, even if your bookings are spaced months apart.

The reason for this is that whilst you might, for example, have two months in which you have no weddings booked, there is a very good chance that you will still be contacted by couples during this time who want to come and view your garden in person. If they spontaneously decide to visit your property and it has not been weeded, mown or had its shrubs pruned in a week or more, its untidy and uncared-for appearance might make them think twice about booking it for their wedding. Given this, if you do not want to deter couples from using your garden for their special day, you must ensure that your landscaper spends plenty of time maintaining it throughout the week so that it never looks unkempt.

Reach out to a commercial landscaping company to get started. 

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