Reasons to Include Decorative Gravel in Your Landscape Supplies List

Are you preparing to change up your home's or business's landscape or set up the landscaping around your new premises? One of the essential things you'll need to have a successful project is to acquire the right landscape supplies. The market today offers different landscaping components, but one of the alternatives you shouldn't overlook is gravel. So what's so special about gravel? Below are some of the benefits you will attain when you choose to add gravel in your project's shopping list.

They are versatile

Most people today think that the gravels are crushed rocks like those that are found on gravel roads or in parking lots, but this isn't the case. Landscaping gravels are decorative stones that come in various forms. You get to choose the colours and sizes you prefer in order to create an appealing landscape design.

Some of the popular forms of landscaping gravel are white gravel, river rock, pea gravel and cobblestones. With the different forms of stones, you can create fascinating combinations of styles and patterns to complement your plants and flowers. The good news is that you can use the gravel as borders, ground cover, or in raised beds to get that natural feel and look.

Suitable alternative if you don't want grass

Gravel is one of the best material choices you can consider if you want to own a lawn-free garden. Usually, grass maintenance can be hectic. Other than searching for the best type of grass, you will need to water and maintain it regularly. You may even need to hire a professional to do the job on your behalf if you cannot DIY. This is an issue you won't worry about once you use gravel instead of grass.

The best thing is that you'll still get to plant your favourite flowers and shrubs to spruce things up. All this will give you a beautiful flower garden and reduce your watering costs. Besides, gravel is an affordable material for paths and pavements, particularly if you opt to buy the locally sourced ones.

Perfect for extreme temperatures and weather conditions

If you live in an area that experiences extreme cold or heat, as well as extremely wet or dry conditions, you should get gravel for your landscaping project. When you receive high rainfall, the water will be leached away easily, so your plants and flowers do not drown because of the heavy rains. Proper installation can also control soil erosion. Property owners whose soil is resistant to plant growth can also use gravel to hide the soil weakness.

If you need to buy landscape supplies, reach out to a local landscaping company.

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