What Questions Should You Ask Your Land Surveyor?

Property owners rely on land surveyors to map their land accurately. Often people seek this service when they want to know the boundary lines or before developing their parcels of land. Land surveys also can identify human-made and natural sites and map the terrain.

If you intend to seek land surveying services soon, then you should make plans to ensure the project is a success. Of course, you will need to find a suitable land surveyor to know how the process will be handled. Here are several questions you should consider asking your land surveyor.

What can they do for you?

Surveyors provide a wide range of services other than identifying boundary lines. For instance, you can consult them to determine if your land needs to be surveyed or not. The experts will even recommend the best kind of survey depending on your requirements.

Other tasks they can handle include examining deeds for issues, creating land subdivision plats, drawing topographic/contour maps, locating encroachments, showing up in court to act as a witness, and so on. Be sure to ask your land surveyor to confirm the services they can offer to maximise your benefits.

What information do they need?

The land surveyor will need vital information from you to perform their work. You are should be prepared to offer all the details you have to make their work easier. Ideally, you need to supply information even if you think that it's not useful or that it may affect the boundaries negatively.

For instance, you may need to provide the deed, title insurance, mortgage description, information about property corners or lines, data about the adjoining property owners, abstract, aerial photo of the land and more.

Remember the information you will be expected to offer depends on the task at hand, so be cooperative. The land surveyor will examine all the information you provide and determine which evidence is useful.

Which measures will be taken when problems are identified?

It's not strange for land surveyors to discover mistakes when they are doing their job. For instance, they might find problems like encroachments, deed overlaps, and other similar issues. When such issues occur, clear measures should be taken to dissolve the disputes amicably.

But to get an amicable solution, the involved parties must cooperate. The good news is that you can rely on your surveyor and lawyer to determine the best solution and avoid property conflicts with your neighbours. Sometimes the issue may be taken to court, so ensure your expert team is ready for anything.

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