5 Benefits of Forestry Mulching

If you have a forest on your estate, you may be curious about the benefits of forestry mulching. Forestry mulching involves using machines to remove vegetation from the forest floor. This article explains some of the benefits of mulching. Here is what you need to know.

Improved soil quality

Forestry mulching can improve the soil quality around trees on your estate. Soil is the key to healthy tree growth, and mulching improves soil quality. This is because a layer of rich organic material is deposited over the ground as a result of forestry mulching. Soil quality improves because the nutrients from this mulch are absorbed by the trees' roots. The roots are then able to make use of these nutrients, adding to the tree's overall health.

Reduced soil erosion

A new top layer of soil is created on the forest floor. This increases the soil strength and reduces soil erosion. The layer of rich organic material increases the amount of topsoil on your estate. Erosion occurs when rainwater washes away the topsoil from the ground. Without this topsoil, crops and plants can't grow, resulting in a decline in the ecosystem.

Better environmental management

Forestry mulching is environmentally friendly as it reduces the amount of organic waste which is taken to a landfill. This waste includes grass cuttings, leaves, needles and branches. These are all recycled for use in woodland management practices such as forestry mulching. The trees in the forest absorb carbon dioxide gas. This is released when the mulch decomposes. Using forestry mulching therefore helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from your estate.

Improved management of weeds

The mulch can also help you control the growth of weeds in your forest. This is because the mulch acts as a protective cover, which prevents seeds from germinating. It also helps to control the spread of invasive plants which are often aggressive competitors for moisture and nutrients.

Increased biodiversity

Mulching may even promote increased biodiversity. Once the mulch is decomposed, this may encourage earthworms to move into your forest. An increase in earthworms could encourage other species such as birds to nest within the trees.

The benefits of forestry mulching discussed here are just a few of the benefits which can be gained from this practice. For more information, you may be able to talk to a landscaping company that offers this service in order to find out more about the forestry mulching process. 

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