Two Surprising Facts About Landscaping Services

Here are two surprising facts about landscaping services.

People don't need to have large, fancy gardens to benefit from a landscaper's services

Many homeowners with average or small-sized gardens who are confused as to what they should do with their outdoor spaces don't contact landscaping companies and ask for help because they think that landscapers only work with those who have big, fancy gardens that need to be redesigned or that require extensive maintenance.

Because of their lack of ideas and knowledge, and their mistaken beliefs about landscapers, these homeowners can end up creating rather unimpressive, characterless gardens that feature little more than some patchy grass and a smattering of potted plants.

This is a pity, as many landscapers love getting their teeth into these type of projects. This is because working out how to maximise the usefulness and beauty of a small, average-looking garden gives them a chance to push their problem-solving skills to the limit and to come up with very creative solutions to specific landscaping issues.

The few homeowners with small gardens who are wise enough to hire landscapers are usually taken aback by how much bigger, prettier and more characterful their little gardens look when these landscapers are finished.

People who already use gardeners' services can still find landscapers' services helpful

Many people assume that if they already have a gardener, then they don't have any need for a landscaper. Whilst there is undoubtedly an overlap between these two professions in terms of the tasks they do for their clients, they are still quite different, and a homeowner who wants to make their garden as good as it can be can certainly benefit from using both of these professionals' services.

For example, whilst a gardener might know everything there is to know about when to plant, what to feed and how much light exposure to give various plants, they might not be particularly helpful when it comes to making decisions about a garden's layout and when determining what design would be best for a client, based on how they personally like to use their garden. For these decisions, a homeowner would need a landscaper's assistance. This professional could come up with ideas about how to rearrange existing garden features or might suggest that their client fit new features that could help them to accomplish their design goals.

For example, if a person wants to have a pond in the centre of their garden, but they're concerned that this might overflow when it rains and ruin the surrounding flowerbeds, the landscaper might come up with a pond design that features a water-tight, reasonably high wall, the presence of which would ensure that this water feature would be unlikely to overflow, even if it rained for a very long time.

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