When It Comes to New Golf Course Development There Is Only One Choice for Turf

As an outdoor sport that makes the most of an area's climate, golf continues to grow rapidly across Australia. It's not surprising, therefore, that developers have noticed this trend and have decided to open their own facility in an area that is underserved or that has great potential. If you are one of those developers, you know that you need to set up this course properly. After all, it needs to be not just challenging from a sporting perspective and practical from a maintenance point of view but good to look at as well. With this in mind, you need to choose the right type of grass and should look no further than sapphire buffalo turf. Why is this the best solution?


To begin with, think about the environment. As you know, this subject hits the headlines often, and everyone is becoming more concerned with climate change. Consequently, you will want to choose a grass that is easy to maintain and that does not require a large amount of water, in order to keep it in good shape. Sapphire buffalo turf is particularly well-suited here and not only does it require less H2O, but it can remain hardy and healthy with fewer applications of fungicide or insecticide.


Sapphire buffalo turf will survive well in a variety of different microclimates too. This means that you can seed this type of turf whether your course is in coastal New South Wales or an arid part of the interior, with equal success.

Visually Pleasing

A resort golf course such as the one you are planning will rely on casual or amateur golfers who will be attracted to the way that it is laid out and, crucially, the way that it looks. You must ensure that your course is as green as possible and that the turf looks lush throughout the season if you are going to get these people to come back time and again.

Low Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, you will want to give your staff an easy time too. Sapphire buffalo turf can be mowed tightly in certain areas (such as the tee box) while being left to grow effectively in the semi-rough. Furthermore, it will cope well with a variety of different underlying soils, including clay or loam.

Making Your Choice

Sapphire buffalo turf should be your primary choice when it comes to turf. Place your order with a local buffalo turf supplier, as you move on to look at other areas of your golf course development.

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