Got More Dirt Than Soil? 4 Tips That Can Bring Back Your Healthy Soil

If your soil has turned to dirt due to overuse, it's time to take some restorative steps. You might not realise this, but with the right amount of attention, your dirt can be restored to healthy soil. However, you do need to take the right steps and use the right soil supplies. That's where the information provided here can help. Using the tips provided here will help you restore your soil, which will allow you to continue growing healthy plants throughout your yard. 

Start With Proper Aeration

If your soil has returned to an unhealthy dirt consistency, the first thing you need to do is provide proper aeration. You might not realise this, but without enough air, your soil won't be as healthy as it needs to be. That's where aeration comes into the picture. For proper aeration, you need to open up the dirt as much as possible. You can do that using a hand-held aeration tool. Once air has been re-introduced to the dirt, nutrients can get inside and restore the healthy soil. 

Provide the Right Mulch

If you've got plenty of dirt, but need healthy soil for planting, now's the time to add a fresh supply of mulch. There are several natural materials you can use as mulch. Three of those include fresh straw, thatched leaves, and seaweed. Once you've taken your aeration tool to the soil, you can add your mulch. Simply apply your mulch, and then use a shovel or rake to work it into the dirt. Be sure to saturate the dirt with water to get the soil restoration started. 

Plant a Fall Cover Crop

If you want to make sure that you have healthy soil to work with for your spring gardens, right now is the perfect time to plant a fall cover crop. You might not know this, but a cover crop can improve the health of your soil in a couple of ways. First, root growth will continue the aeration process. Second, cover crops invite healthy insect activity. Finally, cover crops introduce fresh nitrogen and other vital nutrients to the soil. Some good cover crops include clover, beans and peas. 

Adjust Soil pH Levels

Finally, if you need to take your dirt to the soil stage before spring, be sure to adjust the pH levels. Problems with pH levels can cause serious problems for your soil. One way to adjust the pH levels in your soil is to add limestone. You can pick up some limestone when you purchase the rest of your soil restoration supplies.  

For more information, visit a local store for soil supplies

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