4 Reasons Petrol Mowers Beat Electric Mowers for Maintaining Larger Spaces

It always makes sense to take a little time deciding on the right lawn mower, but it's especially important when you'll be using yours to maintain a larger area. Those larger stretches of grass are naturally going to offer more challenges than your average suburban lot, so your final decision is going to greatly impact everything from reliability to convenience.

Probably the most fundamental decision you'll need to make is whether to invest in a petrol mower or an electric mower. While electric mowers, whether corded or cordless, do have their own advantages, petrol mowers will generally prove a much better fit for those dealing with larger outside spaces.

Here are just four reasons why.

1. Added Power

Larger areas are more likely to present tougher grass types and rougher sections, and that means you'll need a strong petrol engine able to deliver a strong cut. Additionally, covering larger spaces with an underpowered mower is generally going to take much longer. While some relatively powerful electric lawnmowers have become available in recent years, petrol mowers remain the most powerful option. Their additional power will allow you to meet the challenges posed by larger areas with ease.

2. Boundless Range

If you choose a corded electric mower, you'll only ever be able to go so far from an outlet. If you go for a cordless version, your battery will eventually die, and you'll then need to wait for some time to get it back to a full charge. Neither situation is ideal when you're maintaining a larger expanse of grass. In contrast, petrol engines allow you to go as far from an outlet as you want. Fuel lasts a long time, and it will only take a minute or two to refill the tank if you ever do run low.

3. Wider Cutting Width

Petrol lawnmowers usually have larger deck sizes than electric mowers. This refers to how wide their blades cut, and wider cutting blades naturally provide wider cutting widths. As such, you'll actually cut a larger area of grass as you walk up and down with a petrol mower than you would with an electric mower. Over larger areas, that can mean getting the job done much faster.

4. Longer Lasting

If you need to maintain a larger stretch of grass, you're going to be using your lawn mower for prolonged periods on a fairly regular basis. As such, you'll want something hard-wearing, and petrol lawnmowers remain the best choice in this regard. Their engines may require some routine maintenance, but a petrol lawn mower should still last longer than an electric mower.

For more information on lawnmowers, contact a professional near you.

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